What Are Abrash Rugs?

Abrash Is The Visual Texture of A Hand-Woven Rug

Abrash rug - color variations in the rug

Abrash Has Natural Color Variations

It describes the natural color variations that occurs between the colors strands of wool that the rugs are made of. This variation causes a striped appearance in areas of the same color on a rug. These strips are not considered a flaw in the rug, but a natural result of the way the rug is woven. Abrash is what makes hand-woven rugs unique and beautiful.

Abrash is the result of natural variations in the wool as well as variations in the dyes used to color the wool. If you were to look closely at a heard of sheep on a hillside, you’d notice that they weren’t exactly the same color.

In addition, each sheep’s wool has a different texture from the other sheep. Similar to the way different people have differnet hair texture.

When this wool is dyed, even if it’s dyed in the same batch of dye, in exactly the same way the wool will still have subtle variations in color and texture. The wool also changes seasonally from year to year.

Color Variations Can Also Be Causd By The Dye Process

Color variations can also be caused by the dye process. Each batch of dye is slightly different, this can cause each batch of wool to have a slightly different color from other batches dyed with that same dye even if the wool is exactly the same and the dye comes from the same place.

Abrash is in every hand-knotted rug, but it’s generally more noticeable with tribal rugs. The dyes used in tribal rugs are often made of widely varying natural material including plants and insects, so there can be great variations of color from batch to batch.

It is less noticeable in city rugs because city rugs are generally made in larger facilities and often use wool that is more processed and often dyed with commercial produced dyes.

Abrash is usually more visible on the front side of the rug because it’s exposed to higher traffic and the elements, it can also become more visible with age.

Cleaning Can Make Abrash Seem More Visible

Cleaning can make abrash seem more visible because of the removal of dirt that dulls the rug and cause the colors to look more uninformed.

Since hand-made rugs are truly one of a kind pieces, you would expect there to be natural variations from rug to rug. Abrash is one of those characteristics that give your rug its own unique personality.

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